Expenses and Export (PPC2002)

Expenses and Export (PPC2002) 1.03

Expenses manager with export capability

Expenses & Export enables you to enter your transactions on your Pocket PC and export its on your PC. This software is designed for the best compatibility with the accounting softwares as Money, Quicken, Accounts & Budget.

Key features:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Enter your transactions (expenses, incomes)
  • Group the transactions by category and sub-category
  • Display the summary of the transactions
  • Search transactions
  • Export the transactions : CSV, QIF, and OFX.
  • Import the parameters : CSV (Accounts, Categories, Payers...)

A free and easy to use personal accounting tool for Pocket PCs.

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Expenses and Export (PPC2002)


Expenses and Export (PPC2002) 1.03

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